New York’s first “machine-free,” sports-emulation high performance fitness center, AEROSPACE HPC leaves the machines behind to focus on the power you have inside. AEROSPACE HPC unites the best workout techniques from professional sports with the balance and individualized service that drives the success of the luxury spa industry to offer the most savage and serene workout experience on the planet.

After 12 years of packed classes as a leading instructor at New York City’s top health clubs, Olajide joined forces with Fazel to launch an AERO revolution that unites the body, mind and spirit for the ultimate fitness experience.


Conceived by Michael Olajide, Jr. and Leila Fazel and realized by architect John Lederer.  Aerospace HPC is a two story 6000 sq ft fitness center that embodies the team’s philosophy of sleek. Using modern, minimal design, facilities include:

  • AERO STUDIOS for the popular AERO group classes;
  • OPEN SPACE for personalized cardiovascular and muscle-sculpting programs and sparring in a sleek boxing ring;
  • IMPACT TRAINING CENTER featuring full-circuit boxing equipment;