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WHAT: AEROSPACE™ High Performance Center
  • A revolutionary new fitness experience that engages body, mind and spirit.
  • Leaves the machines behind and emulates the techniques of professional athletes to deliver one of the most efficient, effective and rewarding approaches to fitness anywhere.
  • Proprietary group and individual programs including AEROJUMP®, AEROBOX®, AEROSCULPT™, AEROIMPACT™ and YOAERO™ help clients look and feel great by building muscle strength, promoting cardiovascular health, improving body tone, bolstering endurance and enhancing confidence.
  • Former #1 ranked middleweight boxer
  • The "godfather" of boxing fitness techniques and pioneer of the AERO workout program
  • 12-year veteran fitness instructor at NYC’s top fitness clubs
  • Private consultant to a host of celebrities (including Josh Hartnett, Mark Wahlberg, John Leguizamo and supermodel Iman)
  • Recognized in New York magazine’s 2003 "Best of New York" feature
  • Leading fitness instructor at international workshops
  • Consultant/choreographer for major movies and theatrical productions, including the forthcoming "Black Dahlia" by Brian DePalma, Will Smith’s "Ali" and Spike Lee’s "Subway Stories."


  • Former ballet dancer with the Dance Theater of Harlem
  • Co-creator of Ian Schrager Hotels’ boutique and trendsetting Agua luxury spas in Miami, Los Angeles and London.

New York’s first "machine-free," sports-emulation high performance fitness center, AEROSPACE leaves the machines behind to focus on the power you have inside. AEROSPACE unites the best workout techniques from professional sports with the balance and individualized service that drives the success of the luxury spa industry to offer the most savage and serene workout experience on the planet.

After 12 years of packed classes as a leading instructor at New York City's top health clubs, Olajide joined forces with Fazel to launch an AERO revolution that unites the body, mind and spirit for the ultimate fitness experience.

Conceived by Michael Olajide, Jr. and Leila Fazel and realized by architects John Lederer of Shelter Design and Michael Nolan of MN Design, AEROSPACE is a two-story, 7,000 square-foot fitness center that embodies the team’s philosophy of sleek. Using modern, minimal design, facilities include:

  • AERO STUDIOS for the popular AERO group classes;
  • OPEN SPACE for personalized cardiovacular and muscle-sculpting programs, AERO audio workouts and sparring in a sleek boxing ring;
  • IMPACT TRAINING CENTER featuring full-circuit boxing equipment;
  • LUXURY AMENITIES including lavish locker rooms and a sexy AERO lounge.


AEROBOX® (30-60 minutes): Recognized in New York magazine's 2003 "Best of New York" feature, Michael Olajide, Jr.'s original AEROBOX® workout inspires clients to perform blazing punch combinations in rapid-fire sequences combined with intervals of jump rope, push-ups and squats. Every muscle in the body battles against gravity in this class designed to enhance endurance, speed, stamina, power, coordination, tone and muscle strength. "It's getting fit without getting hit," Olajide says.

AEROJUMP® (30-60 minutes): Using Olajide's specially designed poly-nylon jump rope called the "Rainmaker" (because you will sweat), the AEROJUMP® workout helps clients perform like pro athletes, increase metabolism and burn more calories than any other workout on earth. AEROJUMP® leads clients through training moves including crossovers, double turns, one-leg and slow motion jumps as well as light hand weight exercises and lower body lunges. One 45-minute advanced-level AEROJUMP® session burns 1,200 calories. Benefits include enhanced muscle strength, cardiovascular health, endurance, concentration and weight reduction. "AEROJUMP® is the evolution of fitness" says Olajide. "You walk before you run, and JUMP before you fly."

AEROSCULPT™ (30-60 minutes): Combining isometric and plyometric workout techniques, AEROSCULPT™ incorporates challenging muscle isolation exercises, explosive reflex training and high-speed movements with light weights to increase muscle definition, boost strength and burn optimum fat. Clients' upper body moves work the bicep, tricep, shoulder and back while lower body moves shape thighs, calves, quads, hamstrings and backsides. "It's more effective than any surgeon's scalpel," Olajide says.

AEROIMPACT™ (60 minutes): Utilizing AEROSPACE's impact training center that features double-end bags, speed bags, heavy bags and body snatchers, clients don hand wraps and boxing gloves for a thorough, user-friendly workout that hones their skills like professional boxers and kick boxers. Working individually and with partners, clients develop endurance, speed, cardiovascular health and agility by practicing jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks. "It's time to make contact!" says Olajide.

YOAERO™ (60 minutes): In additional to Olajide's high-energy fitness classes, AEROSPACE offers comprehensive spa services including reflexology, massage, guided meditation and YOAERO™, AERO-style yoga that combines breathing,
visualization, stretching and isometric floor exercises.

121 West 27th Street New York, NY 10003 in Manhattan’s meat-packing district

Call 212.929.1640 or email info@aerospacenyc.com


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