Speed bags, Reflex bags, Heavy bags. You will fall in love with the glove! Wrap up/glove up like Muhammad Ali and the greats of yesteryear and receive the benefits of our boxing circuit program that is leagues ahead of any boxing program.


Shadow boxing is to a boxer what a “kata” is to a martial artist. Visualization and repetition allows for the perfection of the art. Which leads to perfection of the body and perfection of the mind. This is one of the most efficient fitness workouts in the world.


Test the threshold of your outer limits. Not one muscle group is missed in this incredibly balanced cardio-sculpting workout.


The world’s first hybrid workout of boxing and ballet, Aerobarre is one of the most balanced workouts you will ever have. Morph from boxer to ballerina and get the best of both worlds.


Walk, Run, Jump, Fly. Jump rope, coupled with our exclusive AeroMethodology is the perfect cardiovascular based workout you can have and we have mastered the art of teaching it. Come fly with us.


To get a High Performance body you need to develop High Performance skills. These interval workouts are the perfect introduction.