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VOGUE, August, 2008
Beauty Health & Fitness: Ring Leader

One evening in May, Leila Fazel, a 41-year-old mother of two, threw 796 punches in three minutes, smiling all the while... [complete article]

VOGUE MEN'S, June/July, 2008
Regimen: Fight Knight

Boxing has been trying to wipe the blood from its eyes and stagger back to its feet for the past half-century... The ring at Aerospace, a sleek 7,000-square-foot fitness center in downtown Manhattan, is small and covered in worn black canvas. [complete article]

WWD Weekend, February 5-6, 2005
Fitness Flash

While most of the fashion flock will burn calories running from show to show, health clubs around town are offering a number of fresh fitness options for those who want a more hardcore experience. [complete article]

Time Out New York , Janurary 6-12, 2005
Shape shifting

Onetime middleweight boxing champ Michael "Silk" Olajide Jr. and formor Dance Theater of Harlem performer Leila Fazel are launching a machine-free facility in the Meatpacking District on January 25. [complete article]

New York , Janurary, 2005

Come January 8, meatpacking-district regulars will be able to tune up for an evening of cocktails with a workout. The two-story, 7,000 squar-foot Aerospace High Performance Center (332 W. 13th St., nr. Hudson St.; 212-929-01640) has a full-circuit boxing ring with equipment... [complete article]

Newsday NY , December 28, 2004
Niche gyms provide new options

It's 5:30 on a mid-December Monday. For most gyms, this is prime time; the post-work "rush hour" when people crowd onto the treadmills and into the weight room to exercise away the day's stress. But for Michael Olajide Jr. and his partner, Leila Fazel, it's nail-biting time.[complete article]

metro NY , December 14, 2004
Get fit without the distractions

In the sea of traditional gyms, it's hard to find a place that eliminates bright colors, blaring music and constant noise from overhead televisions to let you concentrate on the task of getting fit. [complete article]

Hamptons, April, 2004
Sleek is the Word

Michael Olajide Jr. and Leila Fazel, cofounders of AEROSPACE Higher Performance Fitness Center in Manhattan, will help you get fit with their weekly Hamptons workout. [complete article]

USA Today, February, 2004
Fitness videos punch up DVD popularity, but some still exercise to the VCR

Janet Giovannetti, a 54-year-old grandmother, loves watching DVD's in the family room. But when it comes time for her morning workout, she slips a Pilates videocassette into the old VCR in her bedroom. [complete article]

Self, February, 2004
Your Sexy Legs Shape Up: Eight Moves to get You Prepped for a Miniskirt in Time for Spring

The new season may not have arrived outside, but it's decended in full force at your favorite shops. And it's short skirts are too adorable to pass up. If your legs aren't quite ready to come out from under winter's wraps, here's the toning routine to get them there. [complete article]

Time Out New York, January, 2004

[view cover]

New York Magazine (Best of New York 2003), May 12-19, 2003
Class System: The Hard Workout

Developed by Michael Olajide, middleweight boxing champion, Aerobox is a masochistic cardio challenge. Class begins with intervals of jump rope, moves to punching combinations with hand weights, and then builds up to complex jabs set to blaring tribal-house music. [complete article]

The New York Times, April, 2000
A handsome former boxer's classes make jumping rope (no skipping, please) the exercise of choice for a high-fashion crowd.

It is a commonly held belief that women in the fashion business stay thin by avoiding all foods that contain more calories than a sage leaf and by engaging only in very specific kinds of exercises, like walking the full distance from a garden table to the powder room at Michael's. Asked to state her fitness regimen in the February issue of Marie Claire, Cynthia Rowley responded, "I went to the gym once, about four years ago." [complete article]

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